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My Etiquette and requests are really quite simple and primarily are in good taste of what is expected of any gentleman. I ask that you be respectful in ALL aspects of our date. I in no way expect to be disrespected during or before our date as it will make me extremely uncomfortable. When I am comfortable, you will enjoy a truly mind blowing experience. 
Please take a moment to read through what I expect in regards to Etiquette in a few different categories starting with: 


- I primarily communicate by email.  Please be discreet in your correspondence with me. 
- Please provide all the necessary screening requirements as stated on my Contact Page.


- There is never any need to discuss services via email. Again, please remain classy and discreet. 

-Enjoyed our time together and would like to post a review? I ask that you please discuss this with me first.

- For the experience I provide I feel my rates are fair so they are non-negotiable. I ask and Thank you in advance, that you Please respect my non-negotiable rate policy.

- When arriving at my In Call, Please place the unsealed envelope with proper donation on a table in clear view and then excuse yourself to the bathroom (Notice Hygiene Below). If I come to you, please leave the envelope on the bathroom vanity.


All engagements carry a $200 deposit.

Cancellations before 24 hours your deposit can be used to reschedule. Cancellations after 24 hours will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

- Please be sure that you are very clean! This leads back to my comfortability level. Clean makes me comfortable and assures you a memorable experience.
- Upon arrival, I ask that you please wash your hands at minimum. You will also have the chance to shower/freshen up if needed.

More Important info below


Overall, What should I expect?

I take tremendous pride in my appearance and hygiene and I expect a similar approach to self care from Gentlemen I've opted to spend time with. Once you arrive, I will greet you warmly and proceed with all of the proper pleasantries. FYI, I do accept Wardrobe Requests so If there’s something specific you would like to see me in, let me know on my Booking Form and I'll be happy to accommodate your request if able. If you have something specific you'd like to see me in as a gift, let me know on the Booking Form and we can discuss how to facilitate the request.

Fresh, clean towels and linen will be available as well as hygiene products for your convenience. After we meet, I ask that you please excuse yourself to take care of anything you need to ensure our time goes off without a hitch. I enjoy the light romantic fragrances of candles and I also enjoy music. However, I am 100% open if you are not a fan of either of those and would like to leave them out. Or, if you have any requests of music or fragrances feel free to let me know on my Booking Form as well. You are the priority so I want to make sure you are happy. Please make me aware before our date if there are things you like, or things you don’t prefer to ensure our time together goes well, we are both comfortable and no boundaries are crossed.

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